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H & W CBD Manchester

Welcome to our Northern Superstore where we are sure you will find a CBD product to satisfy your requirements.


Cannabis has been used for centuries as a food and medicine. CBD is one extract from this plant and is distinct from THC, which is the element that gives the psychoactive high associated with cannabis use. CBD itself is not addictive, provides no hallucinogenic effect and is legal for use in the United Kingdom. Its use as a supplement and for pain and various ailments is becoming increasingly popular. The organic CBD products we supply are sourced from top end producers only, who are individually and regularly tested to guarantee the highest quality. There are several different ways of administering our CBD and you may choose from any of the following:


H&W CBD OILS – H & W CBD Manchester

 the CBD extract is mixed with a carrier oil and then supplied in a bottle with a dropper to enable you to measure the dose required. In our Store you will find a generous choice of flavours and strengths with clear instructions of how to use , as is the case with all our products


H & W CBD Capsules   - H & W CBD Manchester

Not everyone relishes the taste of CBD in the mouth, so our Capsules provide a suitable alternative. They also guarantee an accurate dose. They are produced in the same way as Oil and are easy to swallow with food or water.


H & W CBD VAPES – H & W CBD Manchester

 An extremely popular, easy, and economical way of taking your CBD. Vaping has exploded in popularity in recent years. We have a great choice of flavours and taste for you

H & W CBD SKINCARE – In our Superstore you will find an exciting choice of Creams, Face Masks, Gels etc. These products are applied direct to the skin and help to alleviate skin problems, muscular aches and other problems. They also provide excellent moisturisation and generally give a sensation of good wellbeing.


H & W CBD Edibles - H & W CBD Manchester

 CBD is infused into these products. We have an irresistible range of flavours in Shots, Lollipops, Gummy bears, Mints and others. All delicious and at an attractive price


H & W CBD Tinctures - H & W CBD Manchester

These are similar, but more concentrated, to our Oils . Taken, under the tongue with a dropper, they are applied in small doses for rapid absorption.  They can also be mixed into your favourite drinks, soups, or other foods